Can you print a sample of my design?

Antic Screen Printing does not offer printed samples. We have printed samples to view in our show room; stop by anytime to see! In-house press checks are available at a rate of $150 per hour with a 1-hour minimum and must be scheduled in advance. Press checks include viewing and as applicable, requesting changes to the first items of your order. Additional fees may apply.

What is the softest shirt?

This all depends on personal preference; the garments we recommend are the winners of years of feedback and testing in the feel and fit categories.

When feeling garments in a side-by-side comparison, triblends (cotton, polyester, and rayon) and blends (cotton plus an additional fabric, usually polyester) win every time. Typically, as additional fabrics are added to cotton, the overall feel becomes softer and the price of the garment increases.

A standard cotton shirt hangs off the body and is a very good choice that most customers are happy with. Triblend shirts are lighter and drape over the body in a way that produces a more skin hugging fit, while blended shirts are somewhere in the middle.

What is the softest print?

Vintage prints are the softest because of the tighter screen mesh used, which allows less ink to be pushed through during printing and achieves a worn look.

Do bright prints feel like thick plastic?

Our unique printing technique, use of the most up to date equipment, and quality materials achieve a thinner feel while producing a bright final product that is nice to wear.

Is my design going to crack or fade after washing?

The short answer is no; as long as inks are properly cured after printing there should be no problems with initial fading or cracking. We cure inks at the designated temperature using an industrial gas conveyor dryer. Please note that the print will age with the garment (after a few hundred washes clothing has a tendency to change). Another thing we have learned is that the clothes dryer is the most damaging part of the washing cycle for any garment. Hang drying is recommended for items that you want to last a very long time.

Do you charge setup fees?

No, our per item price includes the cost of screen setup. Please keep this in mind when comparing quotes!

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of transforming an image or text to stitches in a file format that an embroidery machine can read. There is a one-time $50 digitizing fee per design.

Do you print stickers and banners?

Yes! Please reach out to your sales rep for more info on stickers, banners, and other flat stock items to add to your order.

Do you offer finishing services?

Yes, we offer a variety of finishing options to take your brand to the next level.

Re-labeling & inside tag printing

Hang tags

Folding and poly bagging

Size stickers

Finishing services may add additional time to the turn around time.


When re-labeling your shirt, we print your brand, the size, and any other information you would like included. Legally, your label must include your legal brand name or RN, fabric content, country of origin, and wash instructions either by text or symbols. You can learn more about the laws by clicking the button below. Textile and Wools Act

Hang tags

Hang tags are attached by us in the location you choose (neck seam, arm seam, etc.) Hang tags must be customer provided; this is not something we print in our shop. We can suggest a vendor for these if necessary.

Folding and poly bagging

Folding and poly bagging is a great service to add a top-shelf feel to your brand. Bagged shirts are easier to sort, stack and ship.

Size stickers

Size stickers are attached directly to the garment or poly bag and is a way to easily see the size without having to look at the inside label.

Please review our Terms & Conditions page for more information.